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       Kitty Sunnette and Wolfgang the Corgi

      My name is Kitty and this is my Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Wolfgang! Wolfgang and I spend the majority of our free time outdoors together exploring the PNW. My favorite outdoor activity is hiking of course and I'd say Wolfgang's favorite is eating snow! Wolfgang is who truly inspires me to get outdoors. We enjoy discovering new locations to photograph together! My favorite piece of W&W gear has to be the Watchcap Beanie! I am a sucker for a good beanie and this one passes all my tests, it's perfect!
      Follow Kitty and Wolfgang on instagram: @wolfgangthecorgi

      Crystal Gregg

      Growing up, I think I spent more time outdoors than I did inside. My family and I would take trips either camping at Spruce Run, hanging out at Hagg Lake to jet ski, or visiting my grandparents in Rockaway Beach. On the occasional raining days, we would go mud bogging in my dads blazer. As an adult, the outdoors is now my one place where I can go to feel centered again. It’s more than just a beautiful adventure. It’s a reminder of my glorious childhood.
      Follow Crystal on instagram: @crystalgregg

      Esmeralda Pacheco

      Hi, my name is Esmeralda Pacheco and I am PNW Native! 

      My love for the outdoors comes from finding beauty even when my life may not be going right. Whenever I feel like I need to re center myself I choose time out in nature. It provides challenges, solitude and mainly a recharge of my soul.
      I use my experiences outdoors as a healing tool and an inspiration for my art work. Its what drives me to be a full time artist.

      I hope to use my art to inspire the BIPOC community to take up their space in nature. Because as a women of color I think it’s important to help create that space. I want to show that spending time outdoors doesn’t have to look a certain way.

      You can usually catch me spending my days hiking, kayaking and now that the weather is improving, PLEIN AIR PAINTING!
      Follow Esmeralda on Instagram: @pnwlatinaworks 

      Chelsea Dunn

      Hi, I'm Chelsea! Oregon born and raised, I've loved exploring my home state (and anywhere else!) for as long as I can remember. The Oregon coast is my idea of heaven. My favorite outdoor activities include hiking, camping, soaking in hot springs, kayaking, and drinking cocktails on patios. When I'm not on an adventure, you can find me reading, making jewelry, or snuggling with my dog. I'll be living in my Wayward & Wild Carpe Noctem hoodie until it gets hot outside.
      Follow Chelsea on Instagram: @ginger.lemonayde

      Karina Scherer

      Hi there! 
      My name is Karina, 
      I was born and raised in Denver Colorado! 
      I am a Sagittarius so naturally, I am a curious wanderer constantly looking for new adventures! I am so excited to be apart of the W&W team!
      Follow Karina on Instagram: @karinaawolf

      Kati Cooke

      I grew up in Washington and currently live just outside of Portland Oregon with my Maltese-poodle named Kiki. I love to hike, cross country ski, kayak, and road trip to National Parks. When I’m not outdoors (which is rare!) I enjoy painting and cooking healthy new recipes.
      Follow Kati on Instagram: @kati_explores

      Kim Tucker

      I'm Kim. I'm [REDACTED] years old, still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I love hot sauce and a good joke. I say "stoked" and "jabroni" way too much. And as I've gotten older, I love a good piece a clothing that can withstand a lot of adventure...and washings. W&W is one of the brands that I love to wear without prompting. A soft shirt can be cozy to change into after a rainy trail run. Its like a place of comfort that you can wear. And the designs? Phew, we love the designs. There is truly something for that friend in your life that is itching for the next adventure. But aside from that, I've gained a love for the outdoors as a biracial woman. I don't see too much diversity within outdoor adventures. I'm hoping I can change that in my own unique way. Come adventure with me! 
      Follow Kim on Instagram: @thektuck

      Kali Grischow


      Hi I’m Kali!

      I find myself and my peace in nature! I work with animals and love to dance for my other activities and loves as well! There is nothing like the Oregon coast, it was my second home for me growing up. It will always have a special place in my heart. Or the beauty and dry heat of central Oregon!

      I am so happy to be part of wayward and wild to spread the word of nature, and support the wild we all have inside us all🌲 I feel so myself in this brand and I hope you all do too!🌿🌾✨ 

      Follow Kali on Instagram: @kaligrischow


      Raquel Duarte

      Hey! My name is Raquel. I was made and raised in Rose City (Portland) and have traversed all over my beautiful home state of Oregon. I’m an indie author, barista and full-time adventurer. I love road trips! and my fave weekend stay was in a tipi at the foot of the Wallowas.
      I am excited to be a part of the W&W team and rep this Oregon based brand.
      Follow Raquel on Instagram: @itsjustraquel