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      It is our goal with Wayward & Wild to not only to get people out to explore but to also give back. With this one we decided to stay close to home and give some appreciation to the birthplace of Wayward & Wild and our home state. With every purchase of our 7 Wonders tee we give $1 back to the Oregon State Parks Foundation!

      Plus, there's a bonus for you as well. If you go to to all 7 Wonders and send us pictures at each location wearing our 7 Wonders tee, we will give you a free item of your choice from our shop! 

      Oregon's 7 Wonders:

      • The Coast 
      • The Columbia River Gorge
      • Mt. Hood
      • The Wallowas
      • The Painted Hills
      • Smith Rock State Park
      • Crater Lake National Park

      How to send your photos/submit your 7 wonders challenge and rules:

      • Must have pictures at all 7 locations listed above and must be wearing the 7 wonders tee in each photo. (You know, like make it obvious you were there.)
      • Submit your photos via email to or you can DM them to us via Instagram @waywardandwild or Facebook.
      • Bonus points if you tag us on social media! We love to share the love of adventure.

      Use #waywardandwild to share your adventures with us!

      Happy Exploring!

      For more info on where that donation is going, visit: