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      Wayward & Wild owners Michelle & Kolbi
      Hey there,
      Fancy seein’ you here.
      You probably came here wondering how Wayward & Wild came to be, so we’ll give you the low down.
      We’re Kolbi Lloyd & Michelle Gefre, (Kolbi is the Brunette one and Michelle is the Blonde), and we’re two best friends with a passion for outdoor exploration and creativity - both of which make us happy.
      We grew up together in the same neighborhood and tiny little suburb outside of Aloha, Oregon and were put in the same kindergarten class when we were 5 years old. We don’t really remember that “getting to know you” period, but seeing how things are now, it obviously worked out since you’re here reading this and we’re here 20+ years later with a website and a legitimate clothing brand.
      Although we don’t remember getting to know each other, we do remember spending most of our youth creating and playing outside with our friends.  A lot of time was spent camping, swimming, hiking, climbing -and falling out of- trees, and all the other great things that come with growing up in the outdoor playground of the Pacific Northwest. Those really were the moments that shaped us, and still play a huge influence on our lives and our clothing designs today.
      Wayward & Wild came to be in 2016 after we tried to go the more “traditional” route with work and life, but it continually left us feeling unfulfilled in our day-to-day lives. We wanted to create, we wanted to connect, and we wanted to spend more time outside, traveling and doing rad things with rad humans.
      We ended up getting jobs as Zip Line Guides, and built Wayward & Wild on the side until it could fully stand on its own.
      We truly believe in the power of some fresh air, creativity, & good people, so we designed our lives and business to reflect that.
      We’re here to represent the adventurous, wild ones, that have been shaped and inspired by their outdoorsy roots and travel pursuits, and the ones that push boundaries and take risks to live authentic and adventurous lives.
      I don’t think we'll truly ever grow out of that free spirited and wild hearted phase, but we ain’t mad about it.
      So whether you’ve been a adventurous spirit since birth, or just now discovering the wonder of nature and the outdoors and your own creativity,
      Welcome to the Wayward & Wild fam,
      We’re glad you’re here.
      - Kolbi & Michelle
      P.S. We love it when you share your adventures.
      Give us tag and use our hashtag - #waywardandwild :)